Visual Studio Binaries

ClanLib 3 Precompiled Libraries

ClanLib comes in two editions, 32 bit (win32) and 64 bit (x64). We recommend using 32 bit version unless you have very specific needs.

External Precompiled Libraries

Some ClanLib 3 examples use libraries like assimp and zlib. ClanLib 3 SDK does not require these libraries, unlike ClanLib 2.3. (Last Updated 13 June 2013)

Getting started

Jump to the Documentation - it has installation guides and documentation on various sections of ClanLib. Note, if you want to look at the ClanLib Examples, you also need to download the source package.

If you are developing using Visual Studio 2010, download the Visual Studio 2010 Plugin that lets you create new ClanLib projects easily by using File->New->Project and selecting the ClanLib wizard.

Breaking changes

If you are updating from an older version, please read about the breaking changes.